Sunday, September 21, 2014

High School Sports

    In the article "The Case Against High-School Sports" the author is Amanda ripley, she conveys her idea that sports is the worst thing that is in the high-school system. I believe that she is utterly wrong for many reasons. i believe that sports are beneficial to everyone because here at while in high-school only a few things can keep students from slacking more than sports.

   Here at NHS our athletes have a big reason to do good, there is a rule in place that prohibits a student on a team to have 2 failing grades to compete, this acts as something to try for. ripley says "educators become coaches, and parents become  boosters" but the fact of the matter is sports give us a thing to do and act as a big social event. Now because of social media less and less people are socializing on a personal level and more and more over the internet.

  Ripley also has a problem with Sports because "tax money shouldn't be spent on activities that could damage the brain and occasionally leave the student dead on the field" . I do understand that she says our Highschoolers shouldn't be getting hurt , but that is mainly because of bad technique. With better coaches and better training then kids wont get hurt as bad. High school sports aren't supposed to be a specictical of the students getting injured and sent to the er, but rather a showcase of how good that our team is. i believe that if anything more tax money should be spent on sports more than they already are. If every highschool has a trainer who helps the students not get injured and get better faster then that would be a better alternative to stopping sports as a whole.

  Wendell Holmes Sr warned that cities were being over run by "stiff-jointed,soft-muscled,paste-complexioned youth" . Without our sports, then the rate of obesity in united states would sky rocket. when sports were introduced to the school system they were meant to both"protect our boys masculinity and distract them from vices like gambling  and prostitution" without sports back then the world would be in shambles. Why take them out now that they have come so far?Sports are such an an amazing thing in the lives of me and my fellow high-school students, I believe that Ripleys belief of sports being the spawn of all evil is utterly wrong.

Ripely, Amanda. "The Case Against High-School Sports." Oct. 2013: 72-78. Print.


  1. I am with you on how sports are a great part of school

  2. You made some very good points in your response, but make sure to check your grammar before you publish.