Wednesday, October 29, 2014

my guided question

what does literature say about the health effects of medical marijuana?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My interview of Lucas John Arruda

I did an interview on Lucas Arruda. During this interview i fund out that his favorite food is a pepperoni calzone, he explained to me that "it is like a pizza wrapped up" and  went on to tell ma that he doesn't like any sauces on it, just a natural calzone. i subsequently asked what sports he plays and he told me that he used to play soccer as a child but he doesn't anymore.He played defense for the Norton youth soccer team. My interview took a turn to a more painful topic of what was his worst injury and he explained that he broke his pinky toe calling it his "little toe" and it was broken by "being clumsy and smashing it on closing doors repeatedly" when i asked if it happens by accident he promptly told me that "it was by pure coincidence". After that question i went on to ask about his criminal record/ what was the most trouble that he has gotten into and he told me that he hasn't gotten in trouble with the police so i will take it that he is pleading his 5th amendment right because it will be posted to the internet. my second to last question to Lucas was what one word he can use to effectively describe himself and he used the verb "laughing" i think he meant fun loving  or something along the lines of that that. he said that describes him because he is always laughing and has a smile on his face.