Wednesday, October 29, 2014

my guided question

what does literature say about the health effects of medical marijuana?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My interview of Lucas John Arruda

I did an interview on Lucas Arruda. During this interview i fund out that his favorite food is a pepperoni calzone, he explained to me that "it is like a pizza wrapped up" and  went on to tell ma that he doesn't like any sauces on it, just a natural calzone. i subsequently asked what sports he plays and he told me that he used to play soccer as a child but he doesn't anymore.He played defense for the Norton youth soccer team. My interview took a turn to a more painful topic of what was his worst injury and he explained that he broke his pinky toe calling it his "little toe" and it was broken by "being clumsy and smashing it on closing doors repeatedly" when i asked if it happens by accident he promptly told me that "it was by pure coincidence". After that question i went on to ask about his criminal record/ what was the most trouble that he has gotten into and he told me that he hasn't gotten in trouble with the police so i will take it that he is pleading his 5th amendment right because it will be posted to the internet. my second to last question to Lucas was what one word he can use to effectively describe himself and he used the verb "laughing" i think he meant fun loving  or something along the lines of that that. he said that describes him because he is always laughing and has a smile on his face.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Bucket List

Short term bucket list

1) Go on kingda Ka- Kingda Ka is the biggest coaster in the USA and i'm a thrill seeker!

2) eat a square water melon- I want to do this because I have seen these on the internet and i wnat to know if they taste any different then round watermelons.

3) ride a ostrich with a chariot- An ostrich with a chariot, need i say more?

4) win a varsity wrestling match- I have been wrestling my whole life and i have wanted to be a varsity wrestler for a long long time.

Long Term Bucket List

1)Own  a Ferrari- A Ferrari is a gorgeous car, i don't care what anyone says it is one of the best cars to be created, i really want one.

2) get my license- I want to get my license so i can drive where i want and not have to bum rides off of my older friends and my mom.

3) hit the lottery- There is a one in a billion chance of winning the lottery and i want to conqour those odds. i don't care the amount of money i just want to win.

4)  Drag race- Probably not the best idea because its illegal but it looks really fun!

5) have a curly french mustach- I want a mustache that makes me look like a evil villain, if i can do this i will be very happy

6) Sky dive- When i think about skydiving i get scared and i want to do it , although you are possibly plummeting to your death, it looks like a good time while it lasts.

7) Drive a train- I don't want to be a passenger on one , i want to be the conductor. i want the whole deal, the blue and white striped hat, the overalls and everything that goes along with it.

8) Ride A blimp- Blimps are awesome and your up in the air your going at a slow pace so its like being on a plane but slower, who wouldn't enjoy going over Fenway Park in the hood blimp??

9) ride a hot air balloon- The reason i want to do this is because i want to see what its like up that high.

10) drive on the German autobon- People don't have a speed limit on this autobon , all i would do on this is floor it and hope for the best!

11) drive across the country- It sounds like a good and bad time , good because you get to see all the wonders of america but bad because your in a confined space for hours at a time.

12) travel the world- I plan on taking a gap year before collage to do this but i really want to experience the world first hand.

13) \walk a cat on a leash- Leashes aren't meant for cats but some people decide that they wanna walk their cats on leashes and i want to test what its like , i imagine that the cat wont be to welcoming to this idea.

14) eat a kumquat- The name says it all , such a random name that i must try it

15) create a new word in the dictionary- I want to create a word that is so absurd that when someone sees it they will have to look it up because it looks like its so out of context that it cant be a real word. Like twerk, If you could go back in time to 2009 and ask anyone what it means they will look at you funny.